Love New York? Us too! That’s why we named this beautiful theme after it. Meet the latest theme to join our lineup: Manhattan. View the demo site to get a quick idea of what it’s all about.


Manhattan features a bold, left-aligned header and footer that are simple to customize to your brand or style. One really unique feature in this theme is the styling for page titles: When turned on, your page title spans across nearly a quarter of the screen, leaving whitespace below to let your titles really stand out, and when turned off, your content flows across the page in a single column. It’s up to you to choose which style you prefer.

Widgets on this theme look great in threes so why not add, say, a Twitter feed, your social links, and a blurb of text info? Manhattan also offers header images, which are placed inside the main content area and are great for adding interest to an informational page.

We hope you enjoy using Manhattan. Log in now and explore it on your own site—no subway map required.

(PS: To show our NY love, we’re still offering free sites to anyone using Virb with an organization that helps Sandy victims. Learn more.)