Using Virb for an online portfolio? Just have a lot of great images to share? We’ve added a new feature we know many of you will love. Now, you can display your Virb gallery thumbnails in a vertical, masonry-style alignment.

If you have a gallery full of many different-sized images, you can now choose exactly how you want them to flow on the page. Here’s an example of a gallery with horizontal thumbnails, which line up in rows with a fixed height and a jagged right edge. This is the type of thumbnail view you’ve already seen on Virb, and it’s still a great option for many types of galleries.


Below is the same gallery set to our new vertical thumbnail layout. Now, the thumbnails line up in columns with a fixed width and a jagged bottom edge, giving more emphasis to portrait-style images and cascading in a brick-like way. Tetris fans, rejoice.


The new vertical layout is available on all of our themes (if you’re not seeing it, you may need to upgrade) and works great with each one—it’s up to you which style you choose. And with our faster, smoother-loading images, you can’t go wrong.

(Website showcased here is by Elizabeth Weinberg)