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We’re so excited to bring two more themes into Virb this week. First up is a completely new theme called Mason. Mason, which was designed by our dear Creative Director with his crafty wife in mind, has refined details like textures and borders that give it a bit of charm while remaining clean and professional.

We’ve also completely overhauled Spotlight for the new Platform. And it has more than just a fresh coat of paint: this theme is now running on the latest HTML5 with mobile-ready, responsive CSS so you can view your site on any screen size or device (just like all our new themes). If you’ve been with us for awhile and are using the old version of Spotlight, it’s time to upgrade!

We’ve also revamped each of our theme demo sites so you can get a real feel for what these themes can do with a bit of customization. Just click a theme to access its live demo featuring some of our favorite customers’ content.

Remember to keep up with our progress on our Theme Roadmap and to upgrade those sites, if you haven’t already. We’ll have more great things coming your way soon. Follow us on Twitter or be our Facebook friend to keep up with the very latest. 

(A big thanks to Andrew Ryan Shepherd and Capybara for the great site content on these new themes!)

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