Remember the time you went to a coffee shop and ran into that Creative Director you’d love to work with but all you had was a bent business card and a complimentary latte to offer? Virb is changing that scenario with its new responsive Themes. Now, you can craftily pull out your smartphone and show off your best work using Virb’s new fullscreen touch slideshows.


With just a tap, you can open gallery images that fill your screen and swipe through them with ease, giving your work that professional edge no matter where you are (also handy for trips to visit Grandma to show her the latest Instagram shots of your new baby). Plus, we’ve further optimized our image loading times so your best work is ready right when you are. See it in [kind of shaky, 6-second] action!

If you’re on the new Platform or just joined us recently, your fullscreen slideshows are already built in and ready to go. Still on the old Platform? Upgrading is simple.

Our new Themes include many features like this, that are crafted to work beautifully and smoothly on any screen size or device. Galleries, music albums, online shops, and even your Twitter feed scale and adjust so you (or potential dream employers) can browse through your site from anywhere. Turns out you can do a lot more with that iPad than play Angry Birds after all.

(Website above by the talented Elizabeth Weinberg)